Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Personally, I don't think we're ready to do the flooring yet, but Buddy seems to think we are.  He has replaced a lot of wood so far and things are really coming along.

Here are a few tiles we were thinking of...oh, so many possibilities!  At first I just wanted black and white check...but now, I'm not so sure!

They are in no particular order!  I think I like the first two together, still kind of neutral.


  1. Hi!! Your trailer is looking great!!!

    Can you tell me what the flooring is? (who makes them) : ) I'm still trying to figure out what I want....Marmoleum, VCT??? Those tiles you posted look really cool.

    Thank you!
    Sharon : )

  2. Hi Sharon!

    I believe it is Armstrong VCT. I actually need to find out if they make smaller tiles for my Avalon. I want to do black and white, but I think the regular size would just be too big.


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