Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My first real time with Lucy

Last weekend I finally got back up to PA and was able to really check out Lucy.  Aside from having really awful flooring, she's not bad.  Not bad at all, if you don't also count the exterior. 

 This is her little spot in the yard.

 After wiping her down with disinfectant, I couldn't wait to go to Walmart and see what I could find to start sprucing her up.  I figured that since her name is Lucy, she needed to have some red in her.  And being in Pittsburgh, she also needed some Steeler stuff, too!
 I found this cheap doormat at Walmart ($3!).  I thought it was kind of retro and would be cool.
 A red valance...and the matching red curtains I hung under the counter where there's just a big gaping open space.  That silver thing in the back is just thrown over the old AC that we're probably going to remove and replace with a window.  I don't think my Lucy needs an AC.  She's going to be pretty basic and low maintenance.
 The cushion covers are AWFUL!  Orange and brown NAUGAHYDE!  Yup, I'll have to get those suckers recovered!  The cushion up top was found at a garage sale.  It's fine and serves it's purpose.  I'll probably make a simple cover for it out of a sheet or something.
 Throw a couple Steelers pillows on the couch, a Steelers garbage can, a Steelers throw rug and maybe a Steelers blanket and she'll be ready for the season!  Wish we had satellite...I'd LOVE to hang a flat screen TV in there to watch the games on!
 (sorry for the sideways picture)  I added a Lucy license tag that I got in Jamestown, NY (birthplace of Lucy) and a calendar I found.
 I plan on removing 2 of the light fixtures.  That is a working gas light over the table.  I found that red desk lamp at Walmart also on clearance for $4.  Such a bargain!
She sits right next to the woods, all tucked in and cozy.

 I also got some new screening and spline, but ran out of time.  Guess I'll do some window work next time I get up there.

Now, to check out Ethel...
 Personally, I LOVE that curtain, but Buddy isn't quite sold on it yet.  Maybe the flowers are too girly for him?  She's painted inside, but still needs something done about those icky cushions.  And a new tabletop would be nice, too.
 Ethel has a gas light, too, but no glass for it.  I think they must be rare and are really expensive, but we'll keep looking for something.
 Hi, Buddy!  Hey, who's that in the mirror?
 Ethel's upper bunk is folded up.
Overall, Ethel is better on the outside, but Lucy beats her on the inside.  Where the Shasta is all particle board, Lucy is solid wood with very little damage or work to do on it.

I had a great time and can't wait to get back up there again!

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