Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Been a While!

Wow, can't believe I haven't posted anything on here in so long.  Well....yes, I can. The truth is, I have done NOTHING to Lucy in a long time.  She is in PA and I am still in FL :(

My husband has been getting very domestic without me there and has started hand sewing new cushion covers for Ethel.  Hand sewing because he found some very thick commercial naugahyde. That and he doesn't have the sewing machine.  Except for some painful jabs to the thumb, I think he's coming along quite well.  When he sends me pictures, I'll post them here.

On the Lucy front, despite not being up there to work on her, I did recently acquire a couple things that I can't wait to put in her.  My littlest son gave me an I Love Lucy mug for Christmas and I was told it is to go in the camper. (Ok, will do!)  I also found, on clearance at Barnes and Noble) a large, round I Love Lucy clock.  Not sure where I'll hang it yet, but it's going up!  Oh, and my sister gave me an I Love Lucy tshirt to wear when I am working on her.  Very cute stuff.

I am still worried about Ethel, though.  My husband seems to have several different colors going on inside her...he doesn't think so, but he's a guy and we all know how they can be when it comes to colors and decorating!

Well folks, don't give up on me here...I promise more posts will come as soon as I can get my butt up to Pittsburgh!

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