Friday, June 1, 2012

Maiden Camping Trip!

Memorial Day weekend, we decided to load up Ethel and take her on her maiden camping adventure!

We headed to Pioneer Park Campground in Trent (?), PA.  Man, was that place packed!!  HUGE RVs and pop-ups.  We were the only tiny camper there, and that was fine with us.

We brought our bikes, some food to grill, fishing poles and bathing suits. Ethel stayed completely dry through a couple downpours.  And the air conditioner worked great, too.  Hey, it was in the upper 80's!

All in all it went well.  I made up a list of things to change, buy, fix, etc. before our next adventure.  And it made me want to really get started fixing Lucy up even more.  In fact, I may start covering the sofa cushions today and have looked into re-doing the dinette cushions myself.  The only downside to that is the foam is $$$.  I may just have to do the seat cushions first, then wait a while before I order more foam to do the backs.

And I still need to do something with her floor...  Hey, they're hobby/projects that have no time limit and as long as we have fun messing with them, then it's all good!

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